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24 August 2008 @ 03:47 pm
It really disappoints me to see that people do not credit the makers of icon and other graphics. Not just the stuff from this community, for all other makers and communities as well.
People spend time and effort creating things for people to take and use, and the least people can do is credit them, but sometimes people do not know how to credit CORRECTLY.

It doesn't take that long if you know how to do it, and its really easy.

To properly credit the maker of an icon, go HERE (click), and for each icon, in the COMMENT section fill in the follwing code and replace 'USERNAME'' or COMMNAME' with the username of the make or the community name.

to credit a USER

to credit a COMMUNITY

BAM! its done!

It SHOULD look like this:

So when people VIEW your userpics page to see if you credits or to see hte rest of your icons, it should look like this:
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